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Alfredo Angulo Vs Freddy Hernandez August 27th - Honda Center

El Perro is back after almost one year at the Staples Center. Camp is back in session for El Perro with changes to the Team Perro Corner.  With a new trainer at hand, there is no telling what to expect from el perro except… that it will be a spectacular event!

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Aug29 angulo vs munoz
Staples Center Aug29

Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo

El Perro walked into the ring as the crowds roared his name “Perro, Perro, Perro!”  surprising the boxing boards for the loyal fans of EL PERRO Angulo

It was a slug-fest for the two boxers, Angulo being the heavier aggressor in every one of the five rounds.  At the end, it would be too much for Hector Munoz to take as he was dropped to a knee in the Fifth Round.

As they went to their corners Munoz was unable to continue as Ref Ray Corona signaled “It’s Over”.


Congratulations to the Winners

Congratulations to our contest winners,
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Thanks to everyone who participated, we will be having many more contests and give-aways!
Stay tuned for a follow up with our winners and their perros!